C Music TV is a multi-award winning independent HD and SD satellite & cable television channel dedicated to classical, crossover & cinematic (film soundtracks) music-videos. The channel takes a unique & revolutionary approach to these music genres by using the video format for the first time, making them accessible to brand new audiences. C Music TV now broadcasts to more than 100 countries in TV networks across Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East.

Our mission is very simple: To introduce you to the world’s finest & most beautiful classical, crossover, & cinematic music-videos 24 hours a day & uninterrupted by advertising breaks. If we like it, we play it...

"The joy of music should never be interrupted by a commercial" - Leonard Bernstein


Before C Music TV launched, no music-television channel was dedicated to classical or cinematic music. As a result classical music for example was only ever shown as full length concerts & classical music-videos did not exist. Why make videos if there is no channel to show them, right? A deadlock existed with only 'niche' long form programmes being shown to serve existing 'niche' audiences.

C Music TV changed this status quo by replacing long form programmes with more intuitive music-videos & short interviews. We work with International record labels & the world's greatest artists & composers to bring these exclusive music-videos to you for the first time.

With C Music TV you can just sit back, relax & enjoy the world's most beautiful & evocative music, uninterrupted by annoying ad breaks. If you hear something you like, our 'Music A-Z' section helps you find out more about the artist, composer or film it came from & even buy it.

We believe great music should be available to everyone. We schedule by shared musical aesthetic rather than age & social demographic.
Ultimately we love this music & hope you'll find something you love too on C Music TV.